Italian Harpsichords

These are short-scaled, brass-strung instruments usually having thin case sides (except for false inner-outer types) of cypress, cherry or maple. They are wonderfully suited for continuo use and in accompanied singing. They have an articulate attack that pops rather than swells from the soundboard. They are fairly easily portable, since they are lighter and shorter than their northern European counterparts. I offer the following models:

Small 16th c. Harpsichord

This is a small single strung (1x8’) harpsichord with a C/E-c’’’ range. It has a thin case of cypress, cherry, or maple; the keys are boxwood with ebony sharps.

Wood jacks are standard.

It measures 64’’ x 27” and weighs only 30 lbs. It can be supplied with a paper rose and carved cheek blocks if desired.

Stand and music rack are included.

It can also be fitted with an outer case with lid and painted decoration. 

Price: $12,000, with optional outer case, $15,000.

 Italian small_16c_harpsichord

Large 17th-18th c. Harpsichord

Similar to the instrument above but double strung (2x8’), it has more keys, GG-d’’’, and a transposing keyboard. It is 90” x 34” in size. This instrument is based on details of the Grimali and 1693 anonymous Smithsonian harpsichords. 
Price: $16,500, with optional outer case, $19,500.

 Italian large_17c_18c_Harpsichord

Large “false inner-outer” Case Italian Harpsichord

This is a thick cased instrument masquerading as a thin cased instrument housed in an outer case. It has a GG-d’’’ compass with a transposing keyboard, painted exterior and lid, as is decorated with moldings and scrolled cheeks like the thin cased instruments. Its size is 81” x 34”. 
Price: $20,000.

Italian Pentagonal Virginal

This is a typical 17th c. style thin case virginal having four octaves, C-c’’’ (1x8) with a transposing keyboard. It is 19” x 61”and weighs 25 lbs. Plastic jacks with adjustment screws are offered standard for easy regulation but wood jacks are also available. This instrument can also be made in a C/E-f’’’ iron-strung version. Price: $8,000.

Italian Rectangular Virginal

This instrument is musically similar to the pentagonal virginal but is built as a thick case “false inner-outer” model with painted exterior and lid. It has moldings and scrolled cheek blocks. Price: $9,000.

Italian Harpsichord_Rectangular_Virginal 

All of my Italian instruments have boxwood keys, but bone is available as an option. The octave span of the keyboard is six and quarter inches but they can be built with six and five-eighths inch spans, as are the antiques, at no additional charge. I use thicker wood jacks, as on the antiques, to compensate for the shortness typical in Italian jacks. Turned three leg stands are standard, with other styles optional. Soundboard roses of punched parchment are standard.

A Note on Ordering:

A ten percent deposit is due upon ordering, with payment in full upon delivery. Delivery times vary. I am happy to discuss these instruments or any others you may desire to have built. I can be reached by clicking here.