Seventeenth c. fretted clavichord

Clavichords are small, light instruments with a much simpler mechanical action and make an ideal practice instrument due to their quiet sound. This model has a C/E-c’’’ keyboard, is double fretted, (one pair of strings serves two notes), and is very portable due to its 42” x 13” size. It is available painted or with a natural wood finish. A stand is available as an option.

Price: $6,000.

pedal clavichordPedal Clavichord

The pedal clavichord was developed as a home practice instrument for organists. It consists of a pedal board base which supports the case of the pedal instrument. An independent manual clavichord (or two) sits upon it as in an organ. The sensitive clavichord action provides the demanding, revealing yet expressive response to the organist as he practices in his home. The antique which is the basis of my model (Gerstenberg 1760) has 16’ and 8’ in the pedal below and a pair of manual clavichords housed in a drawer-like cabinet above. My model has a 30 note compass (CC-f) pitched at 8’ with a flat, non-radiating pedal board. It measures 72” x 19” and the pedals extend 38” from the rear. Any type of manual clavichord can be placed atop the pedal, but I also offer the full suite of clavichords in a storage cabinet as in the antique. These measure 61” x 17 ½”, are unfretted with a 58 note C-g’’’ compass and 6 ½”octave span keyboards. I offer these instruments in maple, cherry, or oak, naturally finished. A matching bench can also be provided.

Prices: Pedal clavichord only $12,000; manual clavichord $8,000; full two manual and pedal clavichord with bench $30,000.

A Note on Ordering:

A ten percent deposit is due upon ordering, with payment in full upon delivery. Delivery times vary. I am happy to discuss these instruments or any others you may desire to have built. I can be reached by clicking here.